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[ Communication, A Telephonic Invasion ]
I'm Planning My Escape...
I don't even have words for what happened the other night. It was… 
1st-Sep-2008 02:21 pm
I don't even have words for what happened the other night. It was ridiculous and unnecessary. I really wish it stopped at name calling and insulting everyone. But no, let's take my sister on a little drive while you're drunk. Real mature. Solely the reason i'm pissed off. All the other shit does not even phase me. I knew it was coming and quite frankly I could give two shits. But to put my sister's life at risk is just beyond excusable. Like, you really think you've won. Coming over here like you're better than everyone, waltzing into my house like you own it. Talking down to the people here. I'm younger than you and I even think that's petty and childish. It's fucking ridiculous that at 21 you're still the same. I wish all that mattered, but it doesn't. All that shit, I really don't even care. Because you drove drunk with my sister in your car. Thus, you fucked up big time. Hang out with people who will take this after all these years. Because I can tell you 3 people that won't. 2 guys, a girl, and a change of pace.
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